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Understanding Nuisance Wildlife and how nuisance animals affect people, resolving human vs wildlife conflicts with win/win results Specialties: Falconry and avian control are my specialty Falconry-based bird abatement for agriculture, landfills, resorts and other situations with pest bird problems. Falcons can chase gulls off landfills, coastal resorts and golf courses, more efficiently and quieter than other methods. Providing traditional falconry methods to control nuisance birds at vineyards, crop fields, airports, and landfills. "Falconry based bird abatement" is the use of trained falcons and hawks to intimidate and scare off nuisance birds which cause loss of revenue for crop growers, health hazards in landfills, and safety concerns in airfields.

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Bat Removal Wichita KS 316-425-9091

We can resolve bat issues, if you have bats in your attic, bats in your home we can help. Bat removal is our specialty and we have over 20 years combined experience resolving bat problems.

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wichita bat removal

Call today for your bat inspection.
Bat inspections work like this, first we inspect the entire structure, climb up on the roof and check all the roof penetrations, then inside the attic to find the bats and measure the amount of fecal/guano the bats have deposited. Next we find the main entry/exit hole and figure out a strategy/action plan to remove the bats, hence bat removal wichita ks.

The action plan is the key to keeping the project on tract, it lays out the road map to proper bat removal, how to bat proof the house, how to stop the scratching in the attic and how to prevent the bats from getting in anywhere else.

Bat Proofing
Bat proofing the house means we look at every crack on the house and determine if it is large enough for a bat to crawl inside and if a bat does crawl in where does it lead and where can the bat go. Bat proofing also means looking at every penetration on the house is sealed up so that bats can not crawl inside the hole.
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Bat Eviction
Once a structure is bat proofed then the eviction process can begin, getting the bats out is the next step in the process. We build special/custom excluders that allow the bats out to feed but when they return they can not get back inside.

Bat Guano Clean Up
Bat removal is not complete until all the guano is removed, sometimes this means all the attic insulation must be removed, sometimes only a spot cleaning is needed, during the initial inspection the determination of the amount of cleaning will be made and discussed.

bat removal wichita ks

adult bats protect young bats

Chance M Beran Falconer with Avian Strike Force pest bird control

Chance M Beran, Falconer with Avian Strike Force pest bird control. Chance has been with Avian Strike Force since the beginning of the concept, to help people with pest bird problems, overcome and win the battle for bird fecal free work environments. Many pest bird problem start with a root cause, food, water or shelter that the birds exploit and utilize to their advantage.

Falconry Avian Strike Force

Falconry based pest bird abaetment with Avian Strike Force

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Working with birds of prey has been a lifetime love for Chance M Beran, since he was just 8 years old he has been working and flying birds of prey. Helping people resolve pest bird problems is a passion of Chance M Beran, he has a skill few people possess. Identifying the problem is the first step says Beran, obviously the birds or the problem you might think but Beran says the real pest bird problem is deeper. He asks the question,”Why are the birds here and what is keeping them around?” Chance digs for a deeper understanding of the root cause, looking for the beginning of the problem.

Falconry Services Chance M Beran

Chance M Beran works with all birds of prey

Wildlife Control Helpline

Pest birds have a natural and deep seeded fear of birds of prey, being the main course for dinner over 1000’s of years can etch your DNA to fear hawks, falcons and eagles. Exploiting this fear is the goal of Chance M Beran, he uses the natural instinctive fear all small birds have to his advantage.

Chance M Beran Kansas City, Missouri

Wildlife Command Center Kansas City Chance M Beran

Chance M Beran also provides a whole array of wildlife removal services in the Kansas City market, from pest birds in dryer vents to snakes in the basement, raccoons in the attic and bats in the chimney.

Avian Strike Force is a division of Wildlife Command Center focused strictly on pest bird problems.

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Pigeon Removal with trained birds of prey and other aggressive measures

Wildlife Removal Solutions

St Louis, Missouri wildlife removal servivces

Reno, NV pest bird removal and control services

Wildlife Command Center
Avian Strike Force
Bird Removal Made Easy

Reno, NV pest bird removal and control services

Avian Strike Force a division of Wildlife Command Center has technology and ancient techniques to resolve all types of avian pest problems.

pest bird removal and control

we use technology and tools available only to falconers

Pest birds create millions of dollars of damage yearly something you already know, especially if you are reading this article. You have experienced pest bird damage. Pest bird removal and control can be accomplished by any number of proven methods, such as falconry, trapping, exclusion and humane killing (shooting)

Pigeon Removal and Control

Falconry based bird removal and control of unwanted avian species

Pigeon problems and related bacteria problems.

Bird removal and pigeon removal can be accomplished by trapping the avian pests however this approach is limited in its effectiveness. Often times you will need to layer techniques to achieve complete success. Falconry is one technique we at Avian Strike Force love to employ. Pest birds are innately and unreasonably afraid for hawks, falcons and eagles, using these birds of prey to capture, haze and harass pest birds is very effective.

pest bird removal

Pigeon Removal

Avian Strike Force was conceived in 2017 because of the growing number of avian specific pests people have to deal with. Pigeons being the most common problematic bird followed closely by starlings and gulls. Besides pooping all over things and making a big mess they are bad for our health. Humans are very susceptible to several strains of bacteria found in the gut of many birds. Salmonella is a big one it has two main types salmonella enterica and Salmonella bongori. It already sounds bad …… well it is because Salmonella enterica is the type species and is further divided into six subspecies that include over 2,500 serotypes. It makes humans sick, very sick, Salmonella is estimated to cause one million food-borne illnesses in the United States, with 19,000 hospitalizations and 380 deaths.
Salmonella CDC Info

Rodents of Unusual Size

Rodents of Unusual Size
Wildlife Command Center – A St. Louis, Kansas City and Albuquerque Based Wildlife and Pest Control Company Receives Honors For Their Design and Role in DOC NYC’s Film: Rodents of Unusual Size
Rodents IMDb
Wildlife Command Center’s Michael Beran is being featured in one of the DOC NYC Film Festival’s most acclaimed films of the year, Rodents of Unusual Size.
Michael Beran, owner of Wildlife Command Center, is an industry leader in Wildlife and Pest Control throughout the United States. Wildlife Command Center has locations based in St. Louis, Kansas City and Albuquerque, and has dealt with almost every wildlife scenario imaginable. Their latest venture, Avian Strike Force, even utilizes falconry and birds of prey to rid nuisance rodents and other damaging flight animals for businesses and industrial properties.

Bird Removal

Pigeon Removal Avian Strike Force

Wildlife Command Center
With their industry leading wildlife and pest removal services, it was no surprise when Jeff Springer, co-producer of ‘Rodents of Unusual Size’, asked Michael to be featured in the documentary film. Michael Beran also helped design the intricate tunneling system for the rodents in the set to make the imaging of the film come to life.
With Michael’s expertise in rodent control and knowledge of how the animals live, his role was paramount in the success of the film and the design of the tunneling set, which produced truly captivating cinematography.
Wildlife Command Center Rodents
‘Rodents of Unusual Size’ is one of the most anticipated documentaries at the DOC NYC Film Festival and has generated a buzz for film coinessuers across the globe.
The World Premier of the film is set for November 15th, 2017 at the DOC NYC Film Festival.
The films over view is based off of a setting in Louisiana, that has just suffered from hurricanes, flooding and oil spills, but nothing has been as insidious as the nutria. This giant swamp rat, known for its distinctive orange buckteeth, is prone to tunneling and eating plant roots, threatening the region’s fragile wetlands with erosion. The quirky Rodents of Unusual Size follows fisherman-turned-bounty hunter Thomas Gonzales and other colorful Gulf residents, from hunters and trappers to furriers and chefs, as they try to defend their imperiled land from the invasive species.

Wildlife Command Center Swamp Rat

Swamp Rat

The film’s producers, cinematographers and bio are as follows:
Official Site: http://www.rodentsofunusualsize.tv
On Twitter: rousdocumentary
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rodentsofunusualsizedocumentary/
Director: Quinn Costello, Chris Metzler, Jeff Springer
Producer: Chris Metzler, Quinn Costello, Jeff Springer
Cinematographer: Jeff Springer
Editor: Quinn Costello
Music: Lost Bayou Ramblers
Running Time: 71
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Narrated by: Wendell Pierce.
You can view a trailer of the film, and see Wildlife Command Center’s Michael Beran at:
Be sure to catch this amazing film after the World Premier at the DOC NYC Film Festival.
Congratulations to Michael Beran and Wildlife Command Center for their integral part in the film, and a special thank for providing their knowledge of the Nutria and Wildlife Removal Services.

The Pigeon Removal Master of Albuquerque New Mexico

Pigeon removal by the Pigeon Master in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Call me today to discuss your pigeon problem 505-697-7899. I can help you get to zero pigeon population on your facility, having done many many pigeon projects I have learned that the key to success is the three. P’s


Pressure in multiple ways, we like to start by taking out all the leadership of the flock. Follow up every night with one of two very effective techniques.
Persistence, once we start a project we keep the pressure on the pigeons until complete removal is achieved.
Presence always means staying on the project and keeping new arrivals in check, if they show up. Continue reading

The Snake Guy in Albuquerque New Mexico

Call me now, I can help 505-697-7899 if you want to read a little then make sure you check out the links to some of my other blogs, tips and helpful techniques:
When Do Snakes Move
What Other People Think About Me

I have been working with, handling and catching snakes since 1975 (back in the good ole’ days) during that time I have developed a “sense” about snakes that goes far beyond just snake wrangling and snake removal. I understand snakes, I know snakes and I am one with snakes.

Snakes in general want to be as far away from you as you want them away from you, they view us as a threat, a predator and danger in general. I am a snake guy and I like snakes but snakes do not like me. Keeping a safe distance from snakes is always a great idea and is the preferred method of dealing with snakes.
Myths about snakes:
Snakes do not chase people
Snakes do not go blind during the summer
“Mother Snakes” do not exist
Female snakes do not protect their young inside their mouth
Rattlesnakes do not always rattle
Snakes can bite underwater
Snakes can not sting with their tail
Baby snakes are not more venomous than adult snakes
There are many more myths than this, goes to show you how messed up we humans are about snakes. It is not just humans though, most animals give snakes a wide birth, except those of course that specialise in eating snakes (which is another topic) primates especially have an innate fear/hate of snakes. I was at a facilities called Chimp Haven in the Shreveport area of Louisiana. They have several large primates living in a group on an island, these chimps spent they entire lives in a laboratory, never seeing the outside world, I just happened to be there the day they discovered a snake on the island with them, it was quite the show. I didn’t know chimps could get that riled up or make that kind of noise, it ended with the death of the snake and the chimps throwing it around for about an hour, but why, they had no way of knowing anything about snakes, why the violent reaction?

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Snake Removal and Wrangling services

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Albuquerque NM the snake guy

The Snake Guy in Albuquerque New Mexico 505-697-7899

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505-697-7899 is a number to text snake pictures to, we also answer this number and will talk to you about the snake
Snake wrangling and snake removal should only be attempted by persons trained to do so, with that out of the way here is a link to an excellent site we helped put together. When you need snake help.
Snake Removal Help

Often times we find ourselves wanting snake removal, any time there is snake vs human conflict the snake normally needs to be removed and relocated to a suitable location away from human dwellings and populations. Snakes are a good animal, often misunderstood and we humans have a deep seeded, innate fear of them. They are a little creepy and some of them are dangerous, by and far however snakes serve a better purpose and deserve to live. With that said, let discover what we can do to help! WE CAN HELP

ABQ Snake Removal Wrangling

Snake Wrangling / Wrangler in Albuquerque 5056977899

One thing to always remember about snakes and snake removal, the snake does not want to be handled, it will defend itself, in the case of a venomous snake that means strike to inject. Being injected with venomous snake venom is a serious matter and costly, the average hospital bill for treating snake bite is $150,000.00

WE CAN HELP if you have a picture of a snake that is bothering you then text it to 505-697-7899, we will do our very best to identify the snake and give you some direction about what to do next, this is a risk free call, we will help you. WE CAN CATCH IT is not just a slick catch phrase, its also one of our core values with dealing with snakes and snake wrangling. When you are faced with a snake, don’t try to deal with it yourself, Pest Command Center is close by and we can help!

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Snake Removal and Wrangling services

Kansas City Bat Removal KC Missouri

Wildlife Command Center
Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City Bat Removal KC Missouri

Wildlife Kansas City, Missouri

Wildlife Command Center in Kansas City, Missouri meeting all your wildlife removal needs

Kansas City Bats
Recently we had a customer call us with a common problem. She had been hearing a high pitched squeaking noise coming from above her bedroom ceiling and now has a bat flying around her kitchen. It was around 10 pm when Wildlife Command Center received the call and began to walk her through what she needed to do. Kansas City Bat Removal KC Missouri We explained to minimize the areas and rooms the bat could access by closing any doors she could, covering the bottoms with a towel or blanket and to keep an eye on the bat until one of our trained technicians could arrive. Bats do not try to fly towards humans and are actually very skilled at avoiding us while flying around through their use of echo location. We assured her that it was safe to stand off to the side and observe the bat as we sent our team to rescue her from the situation.

One The Bat Call
Upon arrival the customer explained that she did her best to close any doors but had lost sight of the bat while doing so. Our team starts by carefully checking the most common places bats hide while stuck inside the living space of a home. The technicians at Wildlife Command Center are trained in bat behavior, the proper handling and removal of bats. After a very thorough search, we were able to find the bat had landed behind a pillow and crawled its way down into the living room couch. The bat was removed safely and unharmed.

After the successful removal of the bat, Wildlife Command Center returned to perform a 70 point bat inspection of the home to identify where the bat could have gained entry to the home and establish if there was a colony of bats living inside the attic. Our team found that a colony of bats were entering the home near the chimney and living inside the attic space. We determined the bats had been there for an extended period of time due to the excessive buildup of their droppings, guano, found inside the attic. Kansas City Bat Removal KC Missouri

Bat Removal
Wildlife Command Center presented her with a detailed action plan to completely seal the entry points of the home, exclude the colony of bats and clean up the guano. To properly exclude the bats from the home and ensure they would not return, every bat accessible entry point was sealed off. Over the main entry point a bat exclusion device was installed to allow the bats to leave, but upon return would no longer have entry to the home. After we established the colony had left, our team removed the guano, contaminated insulation and sanitized the attic. Now the bats are gone, the home is bat proof and it’s like the colony of bats were never there.

Wildlife Command Center Team
Our team at Wildlife Command Center is passionate about dealing with bats properly. Bats are actually very beneficial to the environment and are a protected species. There are a lot of wrong ways to deal with bats, but our technicians are trained with the National Wildlife Control Operators Association to be Bat Standards Compliant. Not only can handling a colony living in your home improperly harm the bats, but it can lead to increasing the problem. Don’t take the chance of pushing the bats into the living space of your home or exposing yourself to the health risks associated with bat guano, let Wildlife Command Center help you resolve the issue effectively and safely. Kansas City Bat Removal KC Missouri

Squirrel Removal vs Squirrel Extermination

*Squirrels:Squirrel Removal and Control, Wildlife Command Center 3145028339 Squirrel Removal and Control, Wildlife Command Center 3143998272[/caption]

Squirrel extermination is the exact opposite of squirrel removal in many ways, extermination:
killing, especially of a whole group of people or animals.
“the near extermination of the buffalo herds”
synonyms:killing, murder, assassination, putting to death, execution, dispatch, slaughter, massacre, liquidation, elimination, eradication, annihilation, slaying “the extermination of mob rivals” complete destruction.

As the definition is clear about it the killing of squirrels. There are a number of methods to get squirrels out of a structure, positive control live trapping is just one of these ways. Positive control trapping is the best way to capture problematic squirrels therefore the method is used by the best squirrel trapping companies in the United States.

How to make the best squirrel bait by Wildlife Command Center

How to make the best squirrel bait by Wildlife Command Center

Baiting vs Positive control trapping:

When baiting for squirrels you will be catching a lot of squirrels. Many of those squirrels however are not “target animals” the actual squirrels getting into the structure therefore many of them will be squirrels from the surrounding area that have nothing or very little effect on the structure/home. Positive control trapping focuses on the squirrels that are actually coming and going in and out of the house. These typically are the squirrels chewing wires and damaging structural wood beams as a result you achieve better catches. Positive control trapping methods catch fewer squirrels but they are the exact squirrels you are after to catch.

St Louis Red Fox Capture and Removal Programs

314-399-8272 Red Fox Removal

Wildlife Command Center Red Fox Capture and Removal Programs

Red Fox are perhaps the smartest and most versatile of all the fox species, they have learned to be very adaptable and populate almost every corner of the earth. Red Fox have an uncanny ability to survive and escape detection, given to human folk lore as the “Sly Fox”.

Red Fox Facts

Red Fox Removal and Control

Red Fox are difficult to capture making removal a challange

Red Fox can see very well at night and have extremely good hearing and sense of smell. It can be very challenging to capture a red fox with traditional methods, Wildlife Command Center has developed over time a proven program to catch and relocate red fox that have started to cause problems for home owners.

Red Fox Life Cycles

Red Fox jumping into the snow head first

Wildlife Command Center 314-399-8272 can take care of all your Red Fox issues. Trapping and relocation programs to capture and release red fox that are creating a problem for homeowners.

Red foxes are found throughout a lot of of the hemisphere from the Arctic Circle to Central America, the mountains of central Asia, and northern Africa. This species is the widest distribution of any canine. Red foxes have additionally been introduced to Australia and also the Falkland Islands.

Red foxes utilize a large variety of habitats together with forest, savanna , prairie, deep desert, mountains, agriculture, and concrete areas. Red Fox like mixed vegetation communities, like edge habitats and mixed scrub and ground. they’re found from water level to 4700 meters elevation.

Coloration of red foxes ranges from pale chromatic red to deep burnt sienna on the higher elements and white, ash-gray or slaty on the face. The lower a part of the legs typically|is typically|is sometimes} black and also the tail usually encompasses a white or black tip. 2 color variants usually occur. Cross foxes have burnt sienna fur with a black stripe down the rear and another across the shoulders. Silver foxes vary from robust silver to just about black and are the foremost prized by furriers. These variants are concerning 27% and 15% of red fox people, severally. Red foxes, like several different canine species, have tail glands. In red fox this organ is found seventy seven metric linear unit higher than the foundation of the tail on its side and lies at intervals the corium and subcutaneous tissue. The eyes of mature animals are bright yellow. The prominent nose is dark black/brown or black. The dental formula is 3/3 1/1 4/4 2/3. The tooth row is more than [*fr1] the length of the skull. The premolars are straightforward and pointed, with the exception of higher fourth premolars, the carnassials. Molar structure emphasizes tearing and crushing. The mitt has five claws and also the pes four claws. the primary digit, or dew claw, is rudimentary however clawed and doesn’t contact the bottom.

Red foxes are the biggest of the Vulpes species. Head and body length ranges from 457 to 901 metric linear unit, tail length from 303 to 557 metric linear unit, and weight from four to fifteen metric weight unit. Males are slightly larger than females. Populations in southern deserts and in North America are much tinier than European populations in general. Body mass and length among populations additionally varies with latitude.

Red Fox Trapping

Wildlife Command Center Michael E Beran 314-399-8272 Red Fox