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Large accumulated quantities of fecal matter, left laying around, tends to make animals and people sick. Regardless of which creature produces it, birds, pigeons, geese, livestock, bats, etc, feces needs to be cleaned up and managed. A single gram of bat feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which are known to cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and serious kidney disorders in humans. Children, puppies, and kittens are most susceptible to pet-borne illnesses because they have weaker immune systems than adults. Pigeon, bat and raccoon feces can carry any of the following:

  • * Heartworms
  • * Whipworms
  • * Hookworms
  • * Roundworms
  • * Tapeworms
  • * Parvo
  • * Corona
  • * Giardiasis
  • * Salmonellosis
  • * Cryptosporidiosis

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About Michael Beran

Understanding Nuisance Wildlife and how nuisance animals affect people, resolving human vs wildlife conflicts with win/win results Specialties: Falconry and avian control are my specialty Falconry-based bird abatement for agriculture, landfills, resorts and other situations with pest bird problems. Falcons can chase gulls off landfills, coastal resorts and golf courses, more efficiently and quieter than other methods. Providing traditional falconry methods to control nuisance birds at vineyards, crop fields, airports, and landfills. "Falconry based bird abatement" is the use of trained falcons and hawks to intimidate and scare off nuisance birds which cause loss of revenue for crop growers, health hazards in landfills, and safety concerns in airfields.