Michael Beran

Michael Beran is a Master Falconer from Bossier City, Louisiana. He became a falconer in 2003 and has been a NAFA member since 2004. He has trained and hunted with passage Red-tailed Hawks, passage and captive bred Harris Hawks. His current hunting team is a cast of Harris’s Hawks. He enjoys attending NAFA meets, traveling and hunting with his hawks, and hunting with other Harris’s Hawkers. Michael has also organized and conducted training workshops for apprentices of the Texas Hawking Association and the Arkansas Hawking Association.

Michael holds a Special Purpose Abatement permit and performs various types of abatement projects. He has imprinted and uses primarily Saker Falcons for this work. He has also trained and used his Eurasian Eagle Owl and European Buzzard for conservation education and film industry work. Michael’s raptor experience started at the early age of eight, when he rehabilitated everything from Barn Owls to Red-tailed Hawks.

Michael is the owner and manager of Wildlife Command Center, a business that conducts nuisance wild animal control in Missouri. He can arrange his schedule to be available for all NAFA meetings and other NAFA duties. He is very fortunate because his lovely wife, Bonnie, and two sons, Chance and Michael David fully support his commitment to falconry and NAFA.

His leadership experience includes his current service as Vice President of the Louisiana Chapter of Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators of America. He is also on the Editing Board for Wildlife Damage Management at the University of Nebraska, and has authored chapters in wildlife management books. For four years 2006-2010, Michael has been the Scout Master for Troop 205 in Bossier City, Louisiana.

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