Wildlife Command Center can bring your next party, event, or movie set to the wild side. Our staff and animals can bring you a fun, educational, and unforgettable experience. Getting up close and personal with animals, of all shapes and sizes, is a great way to learn about wildlife, conservation, and the natural world! Inspire your guests with wonder and awe. They will learn about and interact with animals from all over the world. Or maybe you need to get the perfect shot for your film project.

We have a range of animals native to a variety of biomes. These range from a 16 foot reticulated python to a scorpion that can fit in the palm of your hand. With an extensive collection of exotic reptiles, trained birds of prey, and cuddly furry friends, we’re sure to have the perfect animals for your next event or film. What could be better than seeing these animals up close and personal? Many of our animals are touch-friendly and able to be pet! Every person of every age will have a great time with our animals!

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Parties & Events

Partygoers young and old will have a blast learning about and interacting with our animals! Whether you want an educational experience for your child and their friends, a unique conversation starter at your next block party, or a wild touch to your fair or festival, Wildlife Command Center will be the perfect addition.
How would you like to pet a giant snake with your friends? Or get your picture taken with a barn owl? Create memories you’ll keep forever with a Wildlife Command Center party or event. We offer encounters with animals big and small with feathers, fur, and scales. Our animals are true “fur”-fessionals and are accustomed to large crowds and venues of all sorts. These handlers are dedicated to keeping them as comfortable as possible. Our staff is personable, knowledgeable, and ready to make your next party or event a raging success!

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Film & Movies

Do you need a trained animal for your next film project? Wildlife Command Center is the perfect choice for you. Animals can add a genuine feel to any scene. Do you need a rattlesnake to get that western desert feel? A mischief of rats for the big city? Whatever it is, WE CAN TRAIN IT!

Animals add wonder and awe to any film project: movies, music videos, advertisements, whenever you need that “WOW” factor, we can help. Our team of animal trainers and handlers is accommodating and ready to meet your needs. Our staff has been working with animals for many years and we know how animals of all shapes and sizes behave under different conditions and stimuli. We work hard everyday to make sure our animal performers get the proper diet, exercise, grooming, and training. All of our animals are handled daily to ensure that they stay calm around all types of environments and people. If you are looking for animals for your next production and an experienced staff to help you get the perfect shot, call Wildlife Command Center.

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Educational Programs

There’s no better way to teach about animals and their environments than to see them up close. At Wildlife Command Center, we believe that the best way to preserve the natural world around us is to teach others and to provide them with an up close look at the natural world in all its beauty. Few people get the chance to see wildlife up close, but when they do it sparks their imagination and gives them a new perspective on the world around them.

It is our goal to help the general public gain a greater understanding of how these animals live and what they can do to keep them around for generations to come. Schools, scout groups, community centers , and private companies all can benefit from learning more about how to preserve and interact with the natural world. From a full presentation to a casual Q&A, people of any age can learn from our up close encounters. Our team is trained in animal behavior and wildlife management giving us the knowledge to teach groups of all ages about all types of animals and their habitats.