Michael E Beran
Certified national instructor through NWCOA
Permitted master falconer
Bird behavioral expert
Animal trainer
Reptile breeder and collector

Conservation educational programs:
Wildlife Command Center delivers very comprehensive educational programs centered around wildlife conservation, learn about animals in their natural environment and how each animal is critical to its ecosystem.

Hawk talks and Falconry Education:
The exceptional falconers of Wildlife Command Center will teach you the origins of the art of falconry classified as a world cultural heritage, you will dive deep into the meanings believes and training techniques when dealing with birds of prey.

Urban wildlife control:
Learn how the urban sprawl caused by humans has increased the habitat and Sanctuary for many species of animals. Increased habitat shelter and food sources mean an increase in population of various animals like raccoons, possums, tree squirrels Anna moles. You will learn how to live with tolerate and deal with different types of wildlife encountered in the urban environment.

Medieval Falconry and reptiles:
Falconry is known as the sport of kings and during medieval times it was of great importance birds of prey have always held a magnificent part in human imagination and folklore. Reptiles of all sorts have a deep-rooted origin in the medieval times. As depicted by many bronze statues and artwork adorn on both weapons and armor. Feel the medieval times as Wildlife Command Center educational experts dress up as medieval falconers to show you and give you the real feel of what it was like in medieval times.

Animal birthday parties:
The staff at Wildlife Command Center really enjoy parties of all sorts let us be the hit of your next birthday party by bringing our owls Hawks Falcons reptiles lizards snakes and other fuzzy creatures to your birthday party. We guarantee a good time as you and your guest interact with all the incredible creatures that Wildlife Command Center bring to your party.

Trade-shows Entertainment and Education:
Known as the trade-show king, Michael Beran, owner operator of Wildlife Command Center, has put together a clever blend of entertainment and educational programs that feature “Hawk Talks,” conservation educational talks, reptile programs and a plethora of other animal-related programs. The Wildlife Command Center staff members not only wildly entertain all your guests and clients but also impart knowledge about animals in our environment. They educate attendees about reptiles, snakes, fears and myths about wildlife and urban wildlife control.

Corporate events:
Wildlife Command Center will be the hit of your next corporate event whether it be company picnics or management outings and teamwork building let wildlife Command Center bring their trained and tamed animals to your corporate event for not only meet and greet but also a complete and comprehensive education on each species and how it affects each individual Ecosystem they live with man.

Nonprofit and school educational programs:
Wildlife Command Center is staffed with fully trained and knowledgeable wildlife control operators and falconers. If you’re a biology teacher and you want to talk about ecosystems and food chains or if you’re a history teacher and you want to talk about medieval Falconry and the kings of England Wildlife Command Center can meet your needs with the custom design educational program just for you.