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Nobody wants rodents and snakes roaming through their home, endangering their family, nor do they want bats and raccoons wandering through their business scaring customers. This is why you should call Wildlife Command Center located locally in St Louis, MO.

We provide natural, gentle and humane wildlife removal. Our removal services include repair, cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing of your home or business. We also offer home or business inspections, where we will recommend, provide, and install solutions to prevent animal intrusions.

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Wildlife Removal Service

Learn what animals we can remove:

  • Removal of wildlife, nuisance animals and pests from vents, crawl spaces, and other points of entry
  • Removal of waste, potentially harmful organic matter, odors and repair of damaged property
  • Prevention measure to secure your home or business from and prevent the return of wildlife
  • Chemical free, Eco friendly products that mimic nature’s own defenses
  • Specializing in pigeons, squirrels, rats, bats, and snakes

Don’t confuse the modern day nuisance wildlife control professional with the old time animal trapper or animal pest trapper.  Owner, Michael Beran is a trained and certified professional.

  • Certified Mole Removal Specialist
  • Certified Wildlife Professional
  • Humane Certified Professional
  • Master Falconer
  • Licensed Explosive Technician
  • Certified Bird.B.Gone Installer
  • Home Repair Specialist