As directed by the CDC and local governments, we all need to be taking special precautions during this time to limit strain on the healthcare system and stay healthy.

Wildlife Command Center has implemented precautions such as minimizing technician/client contact physical contact, sanitizing electronic devices between interactions, and wearing respirators as appropriate.

We are considered “essential human health services” therefore we will continue to help clients with wild animal intrusions.

Please call us if you have any concerns, or are in need of animal removal services during this time.

Wildlife Removal Service

Providing natural and humane wildlife removal in Little Rock AR, St Louis MO, Kansas City MO, Albuquerque NM, Reno NV. We are devoted to preserving the balance between people and nature.

Owner and operator Michael Beran and his team of skilled wildlife technicians are trained specifically for the animals local to your area. We specialize in squirrel removal, raccoon removal, rat removal, snake removal, groundhog removal, bat removal, and dead animal removal. We also offer a wide variety of other humane nuisance animal removal services covering moles, skunks, and other unwanted wildlife, nuisance animals and pests.

Once your home or property has been humanely cleared of wildlife, our experienced technicians make sure that it is restored and repaired so that wildlife cannot re-enter the property. All our wildlife professionals are licensed and insured for your protection and comply with all laws regarding wildlife control and pest prevention.

Our wildlife experts are just a phone call away. For information on humane wildlife removal and pest prevention services in St. Louis MO or surrounding areas, please contact us today!

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