Children with snakes

Python Snakes

Python snakes By Holly Jo Linzay Knights, wizards, swordsmen, and hobbits stood in line along friars and courtly women in Medieval dress for an opportunity to hold “Goldie,” a lavender albino reticulated python snake, featured in the Wildlife Command Center’s area at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire. “Goldie,” along with other pythons, and a Great…

Dead Animal Smell in your home

Catch All the Rodents

By Holly Jo Linzay Exhausted after work, the couple wanted to retire early and get a good night’s rest. After settling down, they were drifting off to sleep. In the quiet of the night, a scratching rustling sound was heard for a few minutes, then it stopped. Again, the sounds were heard. Faced with the…


Trapping Red-Tailed Hawks

Trapping Red-Tailed Hawks By Holly Jo Linzay A hoarse screech commands attention as the Red-Tailed Hawk soars above the field, slowly gliding in circles on broad, rounded wings. Suddenly, the hawk, a keen-eyed predator, spots a mouse on the ground from 100 feet in the air. The hawk swoops down with incredible speed snatching its…


Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake By Holly Jo Linzay Slithering along the brick wall, the long black snake climbs up higher and higher. Michael Beran, owner and CEO of Wildlife Command Center, drives up to the house in his work truck responding to the service call. “He’s climbing on the side of the chimney. Classic rat snake…