Beaver Removal

We can help with beaver removal and dam removal in Sacramento. Call us at 916-857-8980 for help. Beavers can chew down your most precious trees and shrubbery in the blink of an eye. In one night your trees can disappear and a new dam be built rapidly. Once the dam is in place the area will flood. This flooding will kill the rest of your foliage.

Beaver Dam Removal

When you have a beaver move into your area, call us for damage control before all of your trees disappear! We can save many of your trees and help you avoid the costly replacement of them. Once beavers are established in your area, they will mate and produce young. These young will be dispersed in the fall and will move to new areas. Once moved, they will have to create their own dam to control the water levels so a lodge can be built.

Culvert leveling devices can also be installed to prevent culvert pipes from clogging up. This combined with other solutions will resolve the beaver problem. If you are experiencing a beaver problem, our Wildlife Experts can help with your beaver dam removal and culvert clean outs.