Coyote Removal

coyote removal and control
Coyotes are highly adaptable animals that eat a wide variety of foods, and often scavenge. While mostly nocturnal they can be and are often active during the day as well. Coyotes are found throughout the Americas all the way to the arctic. They are also found here in St. Louis County.

Coyotes carry a number of diseases that are harmful to humans and domestic animals such as distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, mange, rabies and tularemia. In the past coyote attacks were virtually unheard of but as they have become more adapted to urban settings attacks have been on the rise. Attacks are more common in the spring when females are raising their young. Attacks on livestock and pets are also on the rise and humans encroach on their territory. In addition, coyotes cause damage to crops, cause traffic accidents and occasionally find their way onto an airport runway!

Coyotes should be left to the professionals. There are ways to control coyotes around your home or business in St. Louis. We offer coyote removal and control services as well as programs to help keep the threat away. Call our team at Wildlife command Center for help!