Little Rock, Arkansas
Greater Little Rock Metro Area
(mailing address only)
9025 Middle Warren Road
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71603
(physical address only)
501 E 9th St, Little Rock, AR 72202

Pest Command Center is centrally located in Little Rock, Arkansas near the major interstates and highways. Access to I-30 East and I-630 West allow the Pest Command Center technicians to quickly drive to ant area of the city.
The Arkansas River is an important gateway for wildlife into the Greater Little Rock Metro area. The river itself provides a natural guide for migrating bats to find their way south to hibernation formation then back to the city again in the spring. The flood plains provide habitat for beavers and the creeks and bayous leading into the urban areas allow beavers to access fruit trees and lawn shrubs. Water drainage systems along roads and highways allow easy access from the river system to the interior of the city, raccoons and opossums use these man-made byways.
Little Rock for the most part is considered a rural city or “natural city” with the proximity to swamps, waterways and forests, it is only sensible to expect insect and wildlife invasions to be common place. Pest Command Center is ready, trained and equipped to deal with all wildlife and pest problem you may be facing.
Wildlife, animals and pest wildlife that are invading your home or structure can be removed and the problem resolved quickly and safely. Most wildlife issues happen because of these reasons: animals seeking shelter, wildlife seeking food and/or animals seeking water. For all your wildlife, pest animal and pest insect needs Pest Command Center can and will help you resolve all these types of issues.
Don’t Let Pest Drive You Crazy!
When it comes to pest of the creepy crawly type, you will benefit calling us at Pest Command Center of Little Rock, AR. We can help set you free from insects* that are bothering you! Pest Command Center can help rid you of everything from A-Z ants, bees, chiggers, fleas, hornets, roaches, silverfish, ticks, yellow jackets, wasp, snakes, rodents, bats, moles, gophers, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks and dead animal removal.
We can service residential or business properties. For our pest control service regarding insect management, you can choose a one time “knock down service”, monthly, bi-monthly service or quarterly service (minimum of four times a year).
For our commercial/business customers, (hospitals, daycares, schools, apartments etc.) you may choose a tailor-made service. You choose the service to meet your needs. We want to meet your satisfaction! If you have a question about whether we can provide a particular service, we encourage you to contact us: call/voice mail 501-712-4555 text: 870-489-4022
*does not include termites and wood destroying insects
Pest Command Center has highly trained technicians and is a member outstanding with the following organizations:
Arkansas Pest Management Association
National Wildlife Control Operators Association
Better Businesses Bureau of St Louis