Pigeon Removal To a pigeon the “city life” can’t be beat! There is plenty of food and water, free housing everywhere you fly and best of all little to no predators. With nothing to keep pigeon populations in check they will become a nuisance on your St. Louis property. While this is a great situation for the pigeons, it is not a great situation for you or your building.

Damages from Pigeons
Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and can be corrosive over time. The damages can be very costly. Many types of surfaces are at risk, even ones you may not have considered. Paint finishes on cars and railings can be destroyed, outdoor furniture and awnings can be affected, concrete can even begin to deteriorate if droppings are not properly cleaned. Not to mention how terrible it can make the outside of your home or building look. It is a look that is only inviting to other pigeons, not people. Do not allow them to destroy your outdoor experience, call us for help. We use proven methods to deter these pests from ruining your property.

Health Risks from Pigeons
Droppings are not only dangerous on surfaces, they are also toxic to humans if not dealt with properly. Bird waste contains many dangerous fungi and bacteria. They are known for carrying many diseases including histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, cryptococcosis and more. These are not bacteria you want your family to be exposed to, especially not in your home. They are harmful to pets as well. As they dry, when moved around small particles disperse into the air and can be breathed in causing respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. Those particles can be circulated through HVAC if droppings are found near any of the air conditioning equipment or vents. If you are in a commercial location, this can be even more harmful. Creating a dangerous environment for employees and customers as well as damaging inventory. Contamination of stored goods could be very costly. Slips and falls outside of entries or exits create liability issues and closures from failed health inspections damage profits as well as your reputation. The best option is to treat your building professionally to keep the pigeons away.

How to Deter Pigeons
There are many ways to treat a building for Pigeon or any bird control. Our team uses a variety of options like bird spikes, netting, shock strips or opti gel to keep them away. We will inspect your property to offer our recommendation for what treatment would be best. We can install all types and provide professional, safe clean up of droppings as well. Large more open spaces are great for netting. If you have a smaller space or signs that need protection, spikes might be the best way to go. Ledges and rooftops might require shock strips, opti gel or grid wires. We will make sure you are using the best option based on your space. Pigeon trapping using traps and mist netting, a fine net used to capture smaller birds, is also available. We also offer the services of a Master Falconer, a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to bird control in St. Louis County. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate.

Pigeon Exclusion

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