Snakes in Home

Most people can not think of anything worse to find in their home than a snake. While they are not all venomous, they can be frightening to find inside of your house. They can get in through any opening. Most will climb up trees and enter through gaps or vents around your attic. Open windows are easy entry points as well. More than likely, they are following a food source in.
Rodents release body oils that snakes can smell, they will follow that scent right into your home. Rats, mice, birds and squirrels can all attract them. Usually they will use the same opening to follow the prey inside. After they enter the home, they will still follow the scent, which can lead to many locations. Walls, attics, basements, crawl spaces and insulation are all popular places.
If you see mice or rats in your home or extermination right away. Calling us could help keep snakes out of your Granite City home along with eliminating the rodents.

Snake Control

Contact us today if you see any evidence of snakes in your home. Evidence could be droppings, skins or rodents inside. We are ready to assist you with emergency snake calls throughout the area. There are so many types of snakes and most homeowners are not familiar with all types. Distinguishing between venomous and non venomous varieties can be challenging. This is not something you want to try handling on your own. Call the experts at Wildlife Command Center to handle this as soon as you see the snake. Do not wait! Handling it yourself can mean risking the safety of you, your family and your pets. Keep your distance after you see it and call us immediately.

Getting Rid of Snakes

The expert team at Wildlife Command Center will rid your home of snakes and we will make sure you do everything possible to keep them away. This involves taking a look at several things that may be drawing them to your home. Do you have rodents in your home in Madison County? If so, we need to exterminate them to eliminate the food source for the reptiles. If your yard is filled with items that snakes can hide under you will need to remove them. Any openings on or near your roofline will need to be sealed. Overgrown lawns will need to be trimmed and kept short. All of these things will be inspected by our team and they will provide you with the best advice for keeping snakes out of your home for good. Call us anytime with questions. Do not allow these dangerous creatures away from your house.