St Louis, Missouri
4089 Country Club Drive
Imperial, Missouri 63052
Wildlife Command Center

Michael E Beran, owner and operator at Wildlife Command Center moved the main operation to St Louis in the summer of 2014. The abundance of bats and bats living in human made structures prompted the move. The unique inspection format utilized by the company is a perfect match for the structure invading bats. Wildlife Command center also utilizes technology such as thermal imaging and endoscoping cameras to find animals hidden from normal detection.
Wildlife Command Center strategically located south of St. Louis in Jefferson County just off the I 55, I-270 Corridor. The location for the building is centrally located making it easy for wildlife control technicians to get to any part of the city or the three counties quickly. We cover all three counties St. Charles County, St. Louis County and Jefferson County.
St. Louis is a central location in the Midwest which has three major rivers running through it the Merrimack River, Missouri River and the Mississippi River. These rivers are important guides for multiple species of animals, bats beavers and raccoons. Multiple species of bats utilize the rivers and the many lakes of the area as habitat and navigational aids.
The area is incredibly made for Wildlife in that to the south you can have Rolling hills and rock outcroppings to the west you have out agricultural lands into the north you have a combination of wetlands and swampy areas.
Human versus Wildlife conflicts abound plentifully in the area is not uncommon for squirrel’s, raccoons and snakes to intrude in our homes. When your home is invaded by Wildlife it is smart to call quickly and have someone come out to help you deal with it call now today 314–399–8272
St louis is experiencing an explosion in the raccoon population, there are more raccoons now in St. Louis then when Lewis and Clark set sail for their westward expedition. Humans have made more habitat available with plenty of food and feed items lots of water and plenty of shelter. Human dwellings make ideal raccoon habitat. With the abundance of pet food both cat food and dog food being left out at night in yards on porches raccoons have easy access to very easy food that is high in nutrition and fat.
Relatively warm winters and tepid summers make for idea breeding conditions for all species commonly associated with home invasions, bats, squirrels, raccoons and snakes. Ideal conditions like the ones found in St Louis, Missouri means that the animal populations are continually growing at a rate greater than normal. Conflicts with wildlife and pest animals are growing each year, this coupled with the ever-creeping human encroachment means wildlife vs human conflicts are a certainty.
Call Wildlife Command Center today at 314-399-8272 to resolve your wildlife issues and concerns.