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Pigeon removal by the Pigeon Master in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Call me today to discuss your pigeon problem 505-697-7899. I can help you get to zero pigeon population on your facility, having done many many pigeon projects I have learned that the key to success is the three. P’s


Pressure in multiple ways, we like to start by taking out all the leadership of the flock. Follow up every night with one of two very effective techniques.
Persistence, once we start a project we keep the pressure on the pigeons until complete removal is achieved.
Presence always means staying on the project and keeping new arrivals in check, if they show up.

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Pigeons, just rats with wings, especially when you put pressure on them, such as roost hawking with Harris Hawks at night then you will see just how “ratty” they will get, running along I-beans and tucking into holes to avoid the pigeons.
Whatever the pigeon problem I can help resolve it, first I come and inspect the facility, then I draw up an action plan to remove all the pigeons. One of the nice things about working with pigeons is that they are predictable, pigeons set a routine and they seldom deviate far from that routine, if they feed in the field at 8:15 am they can be found feeding in the field at 8:15am, if they then fly to the ditch and drink at 9:20 am that’s exactly where they will be found drinking at 9:20 am. Pigeons often loaf after eating and drinking, this is where a lot of the problems come in, they digest the food with the water and poop all over your facility, leaving nice pigeon bombs everywhere for you to clean up.

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Understanding Nuisance Wildlife and how nuisance animals affect people, resolving human vs wildlife conflicts with win/win results Specialties: Falconry and avian control are my specialty Falconry-based bird abatement for agriculture, landfills, resorts and other situations with pest bird problems. Falcons can chase gulls off landfills, coastal resorts and golf courses, more efficiently and quieter than other methods. Providing traditional falconry methods to control nuisance birds at vineyards, crop fields, airports, and landfills. "Falconry based bird abatement" is the use of trained falcons and hawks to intimidate and scare off nuisance birds which cause loss of revenue for crop growers, health hazards in landfills, and safety concerns in airfields.