Wildlife Removal Service

Providing natural and humane wildlife removal in Little Rock AR, St Louis MO, Kansas City MO, Albuquerque NM, Reno NV. We are devoted to preserving the balance between people and nature.

Owner and operator Michael Beran and his team of skilled wildlife technicians are trained specifically for the animals local to your area. We specialize in squirrel removal, raccoon removal, rat removal, snake removal, groundhog removal, bat removal, and dead animal removal. We also offer a wide variety of other humane nuisance animal removal services covering moles, skunks, and other unwanted wildlife, nuisance animals and pests.

Once your home or property has been humanely cleared of wildlife, our experienced technicians make sure that it is restored and repaired so that wildlife cannot re-enter the property. All our wildlife professionals are licensed and insured for your protection and comply with all laws regarding wildlife control and pest prevention.

Our wildlife experts are just a phone call away. For information on humane wildlife removal and pest prevention services in St. Louis MO or surrounding areas, please contact us today!

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The Early Bird Can Catch The Worm

Wildlife News


A shiny black Asian Forest Scorpion scurried across the sand in the terrarium. Michael Beran, the owner of Wildlife Command Center, fearlessly sticks his hand close to the scorpion which has large pincers and a stinging tail. “He has not been worked with yet. He’s very pinchy. The Asian Forest Scorpions are more aggressive than…

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Eastern Screech Owl

Barred Owl Rescue

Eagle Owl Soulful black eyes gaze up by rotating his little feathered head as the man approaches. The baby owlet’s yellow beak clicks as it turns its head quizzedly while Michael Beran, the owner operator of Wildlife Command Center, bends over and scoops up the tiny fluff ball. The tiny owlet was found in a…

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Children with snakes

Python Snakes

Python snakes By Holly Jo Linzay Knights, wizards, swordsmen, and hobbits stood in line along friars and courtly women in Medieval dress for an opportunity to hold “Goldie,” a lavender albino reticulated python snake, featured in the Wildlife Command Center’s area at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire. “Goldie,” along with other pythons, and a Great…

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Dead Animal Smell in your home

Catch All the Rodents

By Holly Jo Linzay Exhausted after work, the couple wanted to retire early and get a good night’s rest. After settling down, they were drifting off to sleep. In the quiet of the night, a scratching rustling sound was heard for a few minutes, then it stopped. Again, the sounds were heard. Faced with the…

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Trapping Red-Tailed Hawks

Trapping Red-Tailed Hawks By Holly Jo Linzay A hoarse screech commands attention as the Red-Tailed Hawk soars above the field, slowly gliding in circles on broad, rounded wings. Suddenly, the hawk, a keen-eyed predator, spots a mouse on the ground from 100 feet in the air. The hawk swoops down with incredible speed snatching its…

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Getting Rid Of A Family Of Raccoons

Raccoon Removal By Holly Jo Linzay While a raccoon may look like a cuddly bandit-masked creature, one should approach it with caution. Normally, not aggressive, a raccoon can be dangerous if cornered, injured, sick or attempting to protect their young. In fact, a raccoon when it feels threatened, may viciously strike out. Michael Beran, owner,…

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Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake By Holly Jo Linzay Slithering along the brick wall, the long black snake climbs up higher and higher. Michael Beran, owner and CEO of Wildlife Command Center, drives up to the house in his work truck responding to the service call. “He’s climbing on the side of the chimney. Classic rat snake…

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Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Control

Pocket Squirrel In Chimney

Squirrel Removal From Chimney By Holly Jo Linzay It was a day of foraging and nest building. Mom squirrel gathered leaves and twigs to build a comfy nest at the top of a chimney. The little squirrel snuggled in the branches deeper for a winter nap. But suddenly, to his surprise and dismay, the squirrel…

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