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We can resolve bat issues, if you have bats in your attic, bats in your home we can help. Bat removal is our specialty and we have over 20 years combined experience resolving bat problems.

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Call today for your bat inspection.
Bat inspections work like this, first we inspect the entire structure, climb up on the roof and check all the roof penetrations, then inside the attic to find the bats and measure the amount of fecal/guano the bats have deposited. Next we find the main entry/exit hole and figure out a strategy/action plan to remove the bats, hence bat removal wichita ks.

The action plan is the key to keeping the project on tract, it lays out the road map to proper bat removal, how to bat proof the house, how to stop the scratching in the attic and how to prevent the bats from getting in anywhere else.

Bat Proofing
Bat proofing the house means we look at every crack on the house and determine if it is large enough for a bat to crawl inside and if a bat does crawl in where does it lead and where can the bat go. Bat proofing also means looking at every penetration on the house is sealed up so that bats can not crawl inside the hole.
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Bat Eviction
Once a structure is bat proofed then the eviction process can begin, getting the bats out is the next step in the process. We build special/custom excluders that allow the bats out to feed but when they return they can not get back inside.

Bat Guano Clean Up
Bat removal is not complete until all the guano is removed, sometimes this means all the attic insulation must be removed, sometimes only a spot cleaning is needed, during the initial inspection the determination of the amount of cleaning will be made and discussed.

bat removal wichita ks

adult bats protect young bats

Bat In House

Bat In House
What to do if there is a bat in your house
How to get bats out
How to get rid of bats
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Bats In The Attic Guide

How to get rid of bats

Bat In House

How to get Bats out of Chimney

If you or your best friend was bitten by the bat, you should try to capture the bat or bats. This is most easily done while wearing thick work gloves and attempting to contain the bat closing off all exits to other rooms by stuffing towels under the doors. If the bat is not flying, capture it by using a box or small container, bats that don’t fly and are on the ground are sick. Place the container over the bat, slide a piece of cardboard or magazine under the container, gently causing the bat to fall into the container while closing off all the opening.

Be very, very careful in every way, rabies is 100% fatal if you do not seek medical help. If the bat is flying around, a butterfly net is useful if available, however a towel may also be helpful. You may also want to just wait until the bat stops flying, but keep watching it to see where it might land. Contact Wildlife Command Center 314-399-8272 and notify them that someone was bitten and the bat needs to be tested immediately. If the test comes back positive for rabies, seek medical attention through your local emergency health care provider.
If you are unable to capture the bat, but someone was bitten, seek medical attention immediately. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that anyone that comes in direct, unprotected, contact with wild mammals should receive rabies post-exposure treatment from a health-care provider, if the animal is not able to be caught and tested. Rabies post-exposure treatment should also be administered in situations in which there is a reasonable probability that such contact occurred (such as a sleeping person awakes to find a bat in the room or an adult witnesses a bat in the room with a previously unattended child, mentally disabled person, or an intoxicated person).

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How to get bats out

Bat In House
How to get rid of bats

Bat Control

Bat in House

Not bitten by the bat? Good, Great! Let’s get that bat back outside so it can return to eating lots of insects.
Just follow these simple steps:
Don’t panic! The bat is flying around to find a way out.
It is NOT trying to attack anyone.
Turn on the lights (if you haven’t already), so that both you and the bat can navigate around easily.
Keep the bat from entering other parts of the house- close any doors that lead to adjoining rooms.
Open all doors and windows in the room with the bat that lead to the outside.
Keep these exit routes clear.
Be patient and enjoy observing such an amazing animal.
In most cases, the bat will fly back outside within a few minutes.
If the room does not have a direct exit to outside: use a mesh net or towel to gently catch the bat in flight while also wearing thick work gloves. If the bat has landed you may can place a container over the bat, slide a piece of cardboard along the surface, under the container to gently drop the bat into the container and cover the opening as well.
Take the bat in the container/net outside. Open the container on its side, in the air or against a tree. Let the bat climb or fly out.
Do not leave the container with the bat on the ground, it’s not a safe place for bats and it’s difficult for them to take flight.

Bats and Rabies

How to get rid of bats in St Louis, MO

Start with the very best bat removal company in St Louis, Wildlife Command Center

There are a lot of excellent sources on the internet to find information on How to get rid of bats, this is a good place to start, Bats in your Attic

First off, I have to say that if you know what you are doing, you can solve your bat problem permanently. But it is not an easy task, especially if you are not experienced. I trained with an expert for two years, got my Bat Conservation International certification, and even then I required many jobs on my own before I truly got good at bat removal from attics and buildings.

Bat exclusion, removal and trapping

Bat Removal Service with Wildlife Command Center bat specialists

Another great site with really good information about how to get rid of bats can be found HERE

When you need to know how to get rid of bats, just give us a call. We remove bats and seal up homes from bats using Advanced Bat Control techniques. We remove bats from attic spaces and remove bats from walls. If you have bats in the walls, you are likely going to have a bat guano problem! We provide bat guano removal, clean up and odor removal. Call us if you are concerned about the health hazards associated with having bat guano in your attic.

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How to get rid of Bats, click HERE

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Get Rid Of Bats

Bats are actually beneficial to have around, as they eat thousands of nasty bugs such as mosquitoes. However, if the bats are nesting some place where they don’t belong, such as your attic, this is how you can get rid of them, providing you are in a country where this is permissible by law.

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Wildlife Command Center Accredited Better Business, best wildlife removal company