Chance M Beran Falconer with Avian Strike Force pest bird control

Chance M Beran, Falconer with Avian Strike Force pest bird control. Chance has been with Avian Strike Force since the beginning of the concept, to help people with pest bird problems, overcome and win the battle for bird fecal free work environments. Many pest bird problem start with a root cause, food, water or shelter that the birds exploit and utilize to their advantage.

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Working with birds of prey has been a lifetime love for Chance M Beran, since he was just 8 years old he has been working and flying birds of prey. Helping people resolve pest bird problems is a passion of Chance M Beran, he has a skill few people possess. Identifying the problem is the first step says Beran, obviously the birds or the problem you might think but Beran says the real pest bird problem is deeper. He asks the question,”Why are the birds here and what is keeping them around?” Chance digs for a deeper understanding of the root cause, looking for the beginning of the problem.

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Pest birds have a natural and deep seeded fear of birds of prey, being the main course for dinner over 1000’s of years can etch your DNA to fear hawks, falcons and eagles. Exploiting this fear is the goal of Chance M Beran, he uses the natural instinctive fear all small birds have to his advantage.

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Chance M Beran also provides a whole array of wildlife removal services in the Kansas City market, from pest birds in dryer vents to snakes in the basement, raccoons in the attic and bats in the chimney.

Avian Strike Force is a division of Wildlife Command Center focused strictly on pest bird problems.

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