Removing Bats

Dallas bats in the atticIf you find bats in your Dallas home, don’t worry. While bats do not actually suck your blood they can take up residence in your home. The insects that are attracted to your outdoor lights also attract bats, however these bats are doing you a favor, they are feeding on the hundreds of insects buzzing around your house. Thus a bat or two hanging under your porch or carport are most likely just resting between feedings, typically if left alone these bats wont bother anyone.

Bats In The Attic

Finding a bats in the attic of your Dallas home can be a problem. We can help with that. Usually a lone bat can find its own way out. If you open all the windows and doors and leave it alone it may leave. Repeated occurrences of bats inside a building through mid to late summer can indicate that a colony could has taken up residence near by. Bat colonies in your building can go unnoticed for years! Left alone a bat colony can cause a great deal of damage.

Bat Damage Cleanup

Once bats have been removed there may be a lot of damage left behind. Waste from bat colonies can carry histplasmosis, an infection of the lungs with symptoms similar to pneumonia. Bats also are known carriers of rabies. We are equipped to deal with bat removal, whether a single bat in your home or business or a colony of bats in your attic, we will humanly remove the bats, clean and repair any damage they have made additionally we can install bat exclusion methods to prevent re-infestation.