Wildlife Removal Service – Reno

Reno is a town that is full of life! There is always something to do. From festivals to parks and restaurants and shows. It is a great place to live. However, nobody wants rodents and snakes roaming through their Reno home, endangering their family. They also don’t want bats and raccoons wandering through their business scaring customers. This is why you should call Wildlife Command Center. We are located locally in Reno, NV. We provide natural, gentle and humane wildlife removal. Our removal services include repair, cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing of your home or business. We also offer home or business inspections. We will recommend, provide, and install solutions to prevent animal intrusions.

One of our specialties is pigeon removal service. We use a variety of methods from bird spikes to mist netting. We also offer the services of a Master Falconer. This offers environmentally friendly bird control. It is also a natural bird control alternative to problems as small as your backyard or as large as an airport.

Wild Animal Removal

Wildlife Command Center is a professional nuisance wildlife management company in Washoe County, NV. We specialize in providing pest removal and control services for residential, industrial and commercial clients in the greater Reno communities. Our Technicians are certified animal removal professionals. They can remove wild animals using the latest technology and equipment. We do this as humanely and gently as possible. We can repair any damages caused by nuisance animals. Then we will also clean, deodorize and disinfect any affected areas of your home, business or property. In addition we can provide pest prevention services to stop wildlife infestation.

Wildlife Command Center’s Mission is to deliver the finest quality wildlife removal. We also handle pest control service as well as being safe for the environment. We protect people from the hazards of wild animals in their homes or businesses. Our goal is to solve your problems while ensuring animals are treated humanely when removed. Every employee at Wildlife Command Center is driven to earn the confidence of the people we serve. We offer solutions to their evolving needs. Always challenging ourselves to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Wild animals can damage your attic in Reno. They will also make your crawlspace, walls and basement their home. As these animals build their nests in your home they can cause a good deal of damage. They rip up insulation. They chew on wires. The mess they leave behind can be toxic. If left alone wild animals can create a lot of damage to your home that will be costly to repair.

Our technicians are trained to remove these unwanted guests permanently. We will seal your home to prevent their return. The animals will be trapped and removed from the home.

  • Removal of wildlife, nuisance animals and pests from vents, crawl spaces, and other points of entry
  • Removal of waste, potentially harmful organic matter, odors and repair of damaged property
  • Prevention measure to secure your home or business from and prevent the return of wildlife
  • Chemical free, Eco friendly products that mimic nature’s own defenses
  • Specializing in pigeons, squirrels, rats, bats, and snakes

Don’t confuse the modern day nuisance wildlife control professional with the old time animal trapper or animal pest trapper. Owner, Michael Beran is a trained and certified professional.

  • Certified Mole Removal Specialist
  • Certified Wildlife Professional
  • Humane Certified Professional
  • Master Falconer
  • Licensed Explosive Technician
  • Certified Bird.B.Gone Installer
  • Home Repair Specialist