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Rodents of Unusual Size WCC

Rodents of Unusual Size

Rodents of Unusual Size Wildlife Command Center – A St. Louis, Kansas City and Albuquerque Based Wildlife and Pest Control Company Receives Honors For Their Design and Role in DOC NYC’s Film: Rodents of Unusual Size Rodents IMDb Wildlife Command Center’s Michael Beran is being featured in one of the DOC NYC Film Festival’s most…

Kansas City Bat Removal KC Missouri

Wildlife Command Center Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City Bat Removal KC Missouri 816-533-4257 Kansas City Bats Recently we had a customer call us with a common problem. She had been hearing a high pitched squeaking noise coming from above her bedroom ceiling and now has a bat flying around her kitchen. It was around 10…

Opossum Removal & Capture

Opossums in the house removal and capture – How to get rid of opossums in the house? Just call the certified technicians of Wildlife Command Center at 314-399-8272, we will perform a complete wildlife inspection to include a full thermal scan. We will resolve your wildlife issues once and for all!