Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake By Holly Jo Linzay Slithering along the brick wall, the long black snake climbs up higher and higher. Michael Beran, owner and CEO of Wildlife Command Center, drives up to the house in his work truck responding to the service call. “He’s climbing on the side of the chimney. Classic rat snake…

Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Control

Pocket Squirrel In Chimney

Squirrel Removal From Chimney By Holly Jo Linzay It was a day of foraging and nest building. Mom squirrel gathered leaves and twigs to build a comfy nest at the top of a chimney. The little squirrel snuggled in the branches deeper for a winter nap. But suddenly, to his surprise and dismay, the squirrel…


bat removal wichita ks 316-425-9091

Bat Removal Wichita KS We can resolve bat issues, if you have bats in your attic, bats in your home we can help. Bat removal is our specialty and we have over 20 years combined experience resolving bat problems. Call today for your bat inspection. Bat inspections work like this, first we inspect the entire…